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Timber Harvesting in Native Forests – 7 April 2020

There is now a pressing need to consider how the management of Australia’s native forests can provide a full range of values, including high-quality timber and associated products. The IFA/AFG advocates for active forest management that addresses the following key considerations.

Inquiry into Ecosystem Decline in Victoria, Aug 2020 - Submission by WPV

Whilst WPV acknowledges the extensive scope of the investigation of this Inquiry into Ecosystems Decline in Victoria across the broad Victorian landscape, this submission will in the main restrict itself to just one form of ecosystem – forests, which at its core is in fact really a discussion about ‘proper management of one of Australia’s most important, but seemingly not fully appreciated, natural resources.

Royal Commission into National Natrual Disaster Arrangments

Media Release - Timber Production Sector is of Critical Importance in Bushfire Protection

Future national and state land and bushfire management policies need to clearly recognise the critical importance of the ‘plantation and native hardwood timber production sectors’ play as part of the overall solution in preventing wildfires like those of this past tragic Black Summer, according to Wood Products Victoria (WPV).

Bushfire Royal Commission - Submission by WPV

Whilst this is a Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements, this submission will restrict itself to just one form of natural disaster – bushfires, which at its core is in fact really a discussion about ‘proper management of Australia’s landscape’ and particularly its ‘forests’ – one of Australia’s most important, but seemingly not fully appreciated, natural resources.

WPV Fact Sheets

Bushfires & Forests - Best Practice Land Management

Fire has, and always will have, the greatest impact on Victoria’s natural forests, flora, fauna and our regional communities. The devastating 2019/20 wildfires have clearly shown the need for sound forest and fire management based on good science and ongoing action

The Victorian Forestry Plan - Lies & Mistruths

Victoria produces some of the finest sustainable, renewable, certified, local hardwood timbers in the world – it’s a fact! The Victorian Andrews Government wants to take away your access, to the public resource that you own, and that provides these exquisite hardwood timber products that you want and desire. They are trying to justify this using outright lies and mistruths, whilst at the same time ignoring fact, science, climate change reality, logic and Victorian consumer desires.

Hardwood Products - Environmental Benefits

There are many great benefits to sustainable, renewable, certified local Victorian hardwood timbers. Not only do hardwood timber products look stunning but they also provide environmental benefits that can help us tackle climate change.

Hardwood Products - Native Forestry Facts

Sustainable, renewable, certified local Victorian hardwood timbers, desired by consumers, come from a very, very small area of Victoria’s vast native forest estate. The active sustainable management of this public native resource is positive: economically (providing a wide range of exquisite hardwood products), socially (supporting rural workers & communities and metropolitan manufacturers), and environmentally (helping tackle climate change).

WPV Product Information

Technical Advisory Brochure –          Structural Timber Products Guide

This technical resource provides summary of the range of timber products available for structural applications.  Products covered include sawn softwood and hardwood, nailplate joined timber products, engineered beam products laminated veneer lumber (LVL), I-beams, box-beams, glued laminated timber, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and particleboard.

Timber Cladding Use Advisory Flyer

You can use timber cladding on houses, townhouses, villa units….   Timber cladding products are highly valued and widely used in the housing market (Class 1 buildings) for their beauty, aesthetic qualities, ease of installation and their proven performance.

WoodSolutions Publication Links

WoodSolutions Technical Design Guide Publications

WoodSolutions has a wide range of technical design guides available for free download from their website.

WoodSolutions Bushfire Publications

With the appropriate design considerations, you can create a safe and desirable timber home in bushfire prone areas using sustainably sourced renewable timber products both inside and out.  In bushfire prone areas all new buildings must be constructed in accordance with AS3959:2018 Construction of buildings bin bushfire-prone areas. WS Tech Design Guide#04 provides the practical instructions to help you quickly establish what is required.