About Us

Wood Products Victoria (WPV) aims to develop, promote and protect the use of sustainable timber and wood products to ensure timber products are used wherever and whenever they are the most suitable materials.

Formed in June 2006, WPV complements the activities of similar organisations in other states and works closely with them on a range of programs.

In establishing the constitution one of the objectives was to complement the anticipated activities and goals of the national body, Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA), which replaced the FWPRDC. An integrated approach to research and development and generic wood marketing and promotion across Australia is a most desirable outcome for an optimal sustainable future.

WPV supports sustainable timber and wood products, grown, harvested, processed, manufactured or sold within Victoria or by Victorian-based businesses by:

  • commissioning and promulgating high-quality technical information
  • advising and educating builders, architects, designers, specifiers and regulators on specific applications and the benefits of using timber and wood-based products
  • developing new markets for timber and wood-based products
  • minimising potential loss of timber market share from current and future regulatory and specification pressures in Victoria
  • representing Victorian interests to the FWPA, and
  • working in tandem with complementary state and national bodies and organisations whenever possible and appropriate.

The Board of Directors includes representatives of timber growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. They wish to ensure the ongoing viability of this sustainable, natural building, construction and furniture resource, whether it be hardwood, softwood, plantation or native forest grown, engineered timber products or legally harvested imported timbers.

To find out how your organisation can become involved, please contact Dr Alastair Woodard at woodard@wpv.org.au.