Wood Products Victoria (WPV) aims to develop, promote and protect the use of sustainable timber and wood products to ensure timber products are used wherever and whenever they are the most suitable materials.

The Benefits of Wood

There are many benefits of using responsibly sourced wood.

Building Out Bushfires

Given the increase in bushfires, can we go on building timber framed and clad homes? Yes, we can.

Downloadable Resources

View and download resources which include WPV Fact Sheets, Product Information and other great links for the supply chain and consumers.

Wood Products Victoria Ltd.

The goal of Wood Products Victoria (WPV) is to ensure that sustainable timber and wood products grown, harvested, processed, manufactured or sold within Victoria or by Victorian-based businesses are supported by:

  • informed research
  • credible technical publications
  • comprehensive customer information, and
  • positive product and market development.

Wood Products Victoria Ltd was established in June 2006.

The Board of Directors includes representatives of timber growers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers who wish to ensure the ongoing viability of this sustainable, natural building resource.

For further information about WPV and its activities please email info@wpv.org.au