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Suspended timber floors provide not only 6 Star efficiency, they also offer consumers, builders, designers and the environment a range of valuable benefits. These include:

›   a light footprint which is easy on the environment (essential for sloping sites – by far the best construction method – minimising destructive earthworks and costs of expensive retaining walls and stormwater systems)
›   the perfect choice when building in potentially low lying, flood prone areas – ensures that the occupants and their belongings are high and dry
›   ease of construction and adjustment on site
›   easy on the home owners' feet and legs
›   allows the most efficient placement of heating systems – ducted through the floor (as we all know, heat rises!), and most importantly
›   the most environmentally friendly building material – grown using solar energy and absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) while emitting oxygen.

While the existing 6 Star Energy Rating requirements for new homes built in Victoria only consider the impact of the house's operational energy (heating and cooling) these broader environmental and consumer benefits should not be ignored.

6 Star can easily be achieved by most homes with raised timber sub-floors through smart design and good construction methods.

Insulation is one of the key components for effective 6 Star design. Insulation to roof, ceiling, walls (internal and external) and floor all help to achieve the 6 Star operational energy rating. The best approach is to first maximise ceiling and wall insulation – then investigate the most effective window options, and then if needed consider floor insulation.

Visit the 6 Star timber sub-floor web site for more information.

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